Klopp has heavily criticised fixture changes

Jürgen Klopp has heavily criticised the Premier League fixture changes that will effectively means Liverpool will play twice in under 48 hours – that’s right, just 48 hours over the Christmas / New Year period. Liverpool’s game against Manchester City at Anfield has been re-scheduled to 5.30pm on New Year’s Eve. Initially proposed for boxing day.

Again money talking, as the match is to be broadcast by BT Sport.  Liverpool then head to Sunderland for a 3pm start on January 2nd. Klopp is naturally unhappy with the demands it will have on his players.

“Now I have seen the fixtures and I am not too happy,” said Klopp. “We have less than 48 hours between our game against Man City on December 31 and in Sunderland on the 2nd Jan”

“Our job is to do everything we can to win games. I understand tradition – I would never say Boxing Day is not a good idea as I love it and I have absolutely no problem. But now having a match day with two days between there should be another possibility.” 

Could they reschedule the game?

“48 hours is an interesting idea but less than 48 hours I cannot believe. I learn more and more about this league and maybe I have to ask someone if we can ask if there will be another time for us at Sunderland.”

September Manager of the Month winner is not happy with the re-scheduled game.

The matches were planned well in advance ensuring they reduce fixture congestion for those teams competing in any additional cup games. In previous years managers have complained of this. However this is to do with TV money and the Premier League selling the game rights to BT Sport!

“I don’t know why we play Monday. Is January 2nd a special day in England?” 

Raymond Verheijen

I love it that during the interview Klopp also took time out to comment on Raymond Verheijen. He’s been a constant critic of Klopp and his training methods.

One of many tweets from Verheijen

“And then you will sit there and say: ‘You didn’t perform too well, how did this happen?’ or ‘injuries. Oh?’ and then this Dutch guy says ‘the training is not too good”.

Dutch guy – quality!




Raymond Verheijen who used to be the Assistant Manager of  Wales has used social media to argue several high-profile managers are causing injury to their players.

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It seems as if he’s become obsessed with Klopp.

“Forty-eight hours between two games – how does this work?”

Time for a winter break?

“How do you prepare a team for this. Do you say only 50 per cent against City because we have Sunderland on Monday?”

“It doesn’t sound like it is right. Everyone is asking why England is not too successful in big tournaments.”

A great reply when asked what the other big leagues are doing between Christmas and New Year.

“They have their legs on the sofa and are watching English football.”

Maybe we need to follow suit and have a winter break.

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