Klopp demands more consistency and the Kop to only sing his name at the end!

What an amazing performance on Saturday from Liverpool. Truly marvellous. Regardless of how many times I watch the goals it always brings a smile to my face. With the odd cheer!!

My concern is that the high octane energy performance mirrors our successful win against Arsenal. As a week later it was followed by a loss to Burnley.

I am pleased to hear that Jurgen Klopp has also publicly demand that we produce the same level of performance on a regular basis. “We knew we had to do the job today and that is what we did.”

Klopp knows we need to be consistent if we wish to improve on last season..

Consistency is key. If we are going to take advantage of no European competition this year we need to ensure we play every team off the park. Run harder. Faster. Press. Recycle and move.

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Two superb goals from Roberto Firmino. Including a goal from Sadio Mane and Adam Lallana meant we easily beat last year’s Premier League champions.

Superb Man of the Match display from Firmino

But Liverpool again looked at their best. Hungry and wanting to attack at every opportunity.

Klopp demands more consistency..

“We were strong physically, flexible, quick, creative. We scored wonderful goals and conceded a not-too-wonderful goal and had a few minutes where you saw what can happen in a football game.”

“At half-time, I told the boys, ‘This is our challenge’. When we are good, we are really good but when we had some problems, it is not easy.”

“This is the challenge for the whole season. We had a minimum 30 to 35 minutes at Arsenal which I didn’t see until then from us in the movements, which were so strong and clear.”

“Leicester are really difficult to play. They are so tuned and apart from one player they played with champions (only Daniel Amartey of the Foxes’ starting line-up was not at the club last season) so everything is clear.

“We were not tuned. We had to change in a very decisive position yesterday. We had to bring in Lucas (for Dejan Lovren, who sustained a badly bruised eye in training); a great player but the most difficult game for a centre-half, especially when you don’t play it 500 times in a row.”

Kop to only sing his name at the end!

There is no doubt that Klopp is a show man. He claims to be the ‘normal one’ but he really enjoys his football.

He shows just as much passion when we are playing badly as when we are winning. Look at the way he celebrated with his players against Dortmund or Arsenal. He is one of the team.

However yesterday he did react angrily when the crowd were singing his name during the game.  “Please don’t sing my name before the game is decided.” 

The crowd sang his name during the game, however he has said he’d prefer the crowd chant about the players instead. Whilst i appreciate what he’s saying, i really can’t imagine anything changing. The Anfield faithful love him….he’s one of them now. They love him!!

“I don’t play. It was the same at Arsenal. It is nice but not necessary. I am really on the side of the players. I am responsible for our bad performances, they are responsible for the good performances.”

He did get carried away at Arsenal. Getting the players to jump on him… Jumping in the air celebrations.. If we were to lose i suppose it is a bit embarrassing.

But, Jurgen…that’s why we love you. We haven’t seen this much energy for years. If we’re honest we envied your relationship with the Dortmund fans. We wanted a piece of that. We have it…we’ve grabbed it with two hands and i can’t see it changing.

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