Klopp delivers a positive blunt message: “we have to improve!”

Liverpool returned to Champions League football after the 3-0 win at Anfield against Middlesbrough today. Straight after delivering what he’d promised he offered an insight into the journey is on.¬†

For me the message is very clear, we need to improve. It’s a positive message. Rather than getting sucked into the euphoria of achieving that holy grail know as ‘Champions League Klopp is showing how grounded he is by simply insisting we need to be better next season.

For some it may be an obvious message, let’s face it, Man Utd will outspend most of Europe again, regardless of whether they win the Europa League! Arsenal will return probably with a new manager stronger than ever, so for us, standing still is not an option. Liverpool must get better to close that gap.

Klopp’s comments

“We are Liverpool. We have to deliver.

We have to improve and we will but for now, today, it is a big relief.

We did it again. We have to improve and we will but for now, today, it is a big relief.”


Qualifying in the end

“It is a long season and when our timing got better we were unbelievably dangerous.

I could not imagine this morning it would be like this.

I couldn’t think it would be really tight until the end. I am really happy about this.”

It’s a journey, whilst a long one, Klopp is here for the long haul. Whilst we are unsure of the destination we all can’t deny where we’d like to end up!

“I think people deserve this opportunity for us to be able to qualify for the Champions League.

A club like Liverpool needs to be in the Champions League. Other clubs have the same target so it is not easy to be there consistently. I

am proud of the boys, we worked a lot and everything is good. Now we have to build on it.”

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