Liverpool’s Karius being roughed up with rugby tackle pads

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed goalkeeper Loris Karius is being roughed up with rugby tackle pads in training sessions in order to prepare him for life in the Premier League.

According to the Independent they are hoping that getting ‘in the race’ early should prove a huge benefit to the team. 

Liverpool’s goalkeeping coach John Achterberg, has implemented a new training method in order to help Karius dealing with crosses.

He is using rugby tackle bags to help put pressure on Karius when crosses come in. This is an area that has been identified as a weakness. In fact it been a while since one of our goalkeepers were actually confident at this.

Klopp with Karius

Dead ball issues

It’s an idea used to replicate the pressure Karius will face in matches. It’s a great idea as we have conceded a few goals already from dead ball situations including corners.

If Karius can learn to boss the area then he really will be a force to recon with.

Karius has replaced Simon Mignolet as the club’s first choice goalkeeper since his summer arrival from Mainz in Germany, though he has struggled with the physicality of the league at times since he made his debut.

Failure to convince

Karius has yet to fully convince the club’s fans or pundits of his qualities after a number of erratic displays, some citing their preference for Mignolet after seemingly playing out of his skin whilst Karius was initially injured.

Klopp said on the idea: “John Achterberg usually does it with his hands but it’s better to use something else.”
“Of course that’s important. There are different things you have to do as a coach. First, as a keeper you have to learn the technique then you have to adapt to the real circumstances – having six, seven players around you.”

“No-one gets out of your way. It is completely the opposite. They want to disturb your way.”

Potential seen by all

Klopp and his team see the potential in Karius and the difference he can make. His German-sweeper style approach is something that whilst being very en’vogue is appealing to Klopps style of play. 

“It was specific training for goalkeepers in the Premier League. That’s goalkeeping life. You can’t change this … so we need to prepare the boys and that’s what John is doing.”

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