Jurgen Klopp’s special revival

It feels at the moment that we are now all part of Jurgen Klopp’s special revival. As fans are we really happy with the lowest league position in years? Worse than last season when everyone started to want Rodgers out? Despite all this what makes us all so happy? I’ve been a Liverpool fan for as long as I can remember – my 5 stars on my arm prove I’ve been through thick and thin.

It’s been a roller coaster of emotion with the high of the Champions League final to the low of accepting that Hodgson was all we could get as our new manager.

Jurgen Klopp’s special revival

Klopp has restored order. Promoted and provided opportunities for the youngsters, on a regular basis our average age being well under 24 years old.

His pressing style has made it difficult for opponents to break them down. Whilst the physical approach to a game has taken a while to develop it’s a work in progress in the premier league, but teams in Europe have found it difficult to cope with.
This is partly due to the fact they are used to more space and time on the ball.
Being summed up nicely against Villareal where it seemed that every 50/50 ball was won. Giving their midfield no space to take control of the game.

Players transform

Origi was ordered to hit the gym to build up his strength as was getting muscled off the ball too frequently, not strong enough to hold the play. When he returned he demonstrated exactly what Klopp wants from a forward. A blend of goal instinct from Sturridge and brute strength from Benteke.

Watching Emre Can transform from a player that was becoming a utility player being used as a ‘false’ right back under Rodgers, to a warrior in Central Midfield. His ability to break up the opponents attack and start a new one quickly with power and strength is one we have missed out on since Stevie G was asked to play as a support for Torres. He has to now be one of the 1st names on the team sheet.

Klopp’s summer signings will tell a tale of how we see the current teams transition to a Klopp-team. Something a lot of people are really looking forward to see. Will he emulate what he did in Germany?

Connection with the fans

Over the years the connection between fans and club has changed a lot. That famous connection was disappearing and not as strong as it has and should be.

The thing that excites me most about Klopp and the thing that makes him special is he has restored that connection.
He has made all Liverpool fans excited about the future, backed up by genuine reasons too.
The scenes at Anfield when he was orchestrating cheers from around Anfield demonstrated the bond. But unlike managers in the past, it’s both ways. He loves the Anfield faithful as much as they love him.

He truly has turned the doubters into believers. Something he quoted on that famous 1st press conference.


  1. I’m so happy Klopp is our manager. He’s such an upgrade on Rodgers.
    He actually knows what he’s talking about and seems to have the set up around him sorted.

    • I agree – a massive upgrade.
      The fun has just begun. He’s now tied down for longer and can now build a legacy at the club.

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