Ignore the money, concentrate on the players Liverpool are going to buy

There has been a lot of talk already about this pre-season being Liverpool’s most important for years. There is no denying that Jurgen Klopp has moved us forward, not only in the style of play we see on the field but also the level of expectation, he has made us believers. 

What has been frustrating is that the desire and hunger from Klopp and the fans hasn’t necessarily been matched by the owners. Now many people have a theory why, #FSGOUT is gaining momentum every day, with every point dropped last season there was a sigh and an article written about how FSG was holding back our ambition.

Potential change at the club

This pre-season provides FSG the opportunity to allow Klopp to realise the full potential. Klopp must be financially backed, it’s as simple as that! Talk of £150m highlights the potential change at the club, but it also highlights the need to spend even more. Van Dijk would leave for £70m, whilst Naby Keita is rumoured to be allowed to leave for a similar fee.

But £150m will only cover the cost of those two. Though in signing Mohamed Salah and potentially a new left-back, it would put our spending well over the £200m. Then there is talk of a bid for Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aubameyang. Which would take the spending to over £300m.

Whilst talk is cheap, buying players isn’t. Players suitable for the Klopp Revolution are a different breed, look at Salah, his reaction up on signing especially when meeting some fans on an Anfield Tour. It’s these characteristics that are paramount – Klopp loves his cuddles on the pitch, emotion is overflowing!!

Top players will cost top money.

We are not another City, Utd or Chelsea where money can be thrown every where during every transfer window! This transfer window is unique, we are in the Champions League and need to invest to remain there!

It will be an interesting summer with a lot of news reports i’m sure, but I am a Liverpool fan, not an accountant, if it wins us a trophy and puts us back on the top then so be it! I trust Klopp will do the right thing when supported so it’s all down to him now – no pressure!!

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