Henderson now 1k passes this season 

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is now the first player to have successfully completed 1,000 passes in the Premier League this season. It’s an amazing achievement showing how much influence he’s had on the team’s success so far this season.

Henderson struggled with injury during Jurgen Klopp’s first season at Liverpool, his first as captain. However this season has been different with the occasional England skipper leading the division in passing all season. With the game against Southampton taking his passing tally to 1,001. Remember this was over just 12 games!! 

Comparison to Gerrard

So many people do, but it is unfair to compare him with Steven Gerrard. The guy was known as Captain Marvel – he has big shoes to fill. His inconsistency last season led many to doubt whether he could fill the massive leadership void left when Gerrard departed in 2015.

Whilst he’s certainly not the same type of explosive player, he is now proving just as important. Slowly starting to change opinions with his recent form.

Last month, Gerrard himself said, “People have got to judge Jordan Henderson for Jordan Henderson. What does he give to the team, what does he give to his team-mates around him?

“He really cares. He goes home and tries everything he can to be the best at what he does so he should be judged on what he brings to the team.”

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Henderson’s new position key to influence

The control and influence Henderson has had on each game has grown, especially now he’s taken up residence as the teams holding midfielder. “I have played as the No.6, or deep-lying midfielder and i feel as time has gone on I have learned quickly and obviously the manager helps me on the training field”

“I feel I have progressed in that position and I feel comfortable there. It is not too dissimilar to what I did.”

Henderson showing his maturity and how he has changed. “Being the No.6 is more disciplined. When the team is going forward I am thinking more about protection and how I can help what I need to do rather than running forward and getting in the box all the time. When you are more advanced you are more free to run off in behind and get further up the pitch.”

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    • He’s a different type of player. Although in his current role he is the best in the Premier League – Mr Klopp to thank for that. So many people wanted a new holding midfielder. Henderson is a new breed of midfielder!

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