Balotelli is no longer a Super Mario…

It’s official. Jurgen Klopp sees no future with Mario Balotelli. It may not come to many as a shock, but part of me thought he may just give him an opportunity to work hard and impress.

Future with Mario Balotelli

But maybe he’s already heard or seen enough to make a decision on the Italian’s future.
Having spoken recently about the fact that he will be leaving sooner rather than later.
However, some may say this is sensible….Klopp has got Mario training with the squad as he wants Balotelli to get back into shape. This could also maximise the potential of any sale…smart move there.

Last season he had an unsuccessful loan at Milan, who were initially expected to make the loan deal permanent. However due to an underwhelming season Balotelli has been back on Merseyside training.

Curve Ball

Klopp’s thoughts and feelings he has even described some of the things he’s seen Mario do on the training ground as “world class”.
Despite this its thought it’s not enough to earn him a place.

When asked about the situation Klopp said;

“Everything’s been good, it’s all okay. And now he’s here, we will do everything we can to get him fit.”

“Then it will not be a situation for Mario, and I have spoken to him about this. He’s not at the stage of his career where he should be battling with four or five other players for one or two positions.”

“There will be a club around who would be happy to have a new Mario Balotelli if you like,”

“It’s now time to make decisions and I try to help Mario to get in the best shape he can be in and we will see what happens.”

I guess that we’ll wait and see if and when a club comes in with an offer for him. A few clubs have been mentioned, however nothing has come from it.

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