Does Balotelli have a future at Anfield?

With Mario Balotelli’s loan deal at AC Milan finished he was back at Melwood yesterday training, trying to impress is new boss. The question is: Does Balotelli have a future at Anfield? Or should we rephrase that….’will anyone take him off our hands?’

Klopp has a lot to think about – can Mario adapt to his style of play…?

Only a 5 out of 10..

Balotelli has recently come out in the press stating that he has currently only been playing a 5 out of 10. He knows he has much more potential than that and still believes that he can become one of the best forwards in Europe, if not the world.

The thing is, will Klopp see through the hype, or has Balotelli changed since he was last at Anfield. When things went bad to worse he disappeared, no back tracking, no pressing and no tackling . Should that happen on Klopp’s watch then he’ll be shown the door – pronto.

Eating rule books for breakfast..

Mario is a game changer, he is an individual who usually doesn’t follow rules. He eats the rule book for breakfast and just gets on with what he wants to do….on the surface he doesn’t appear a team player. A player who is willing to adapt and change.

As mentioned in the Daily Mail article, Rodgers has mentioned that he didn’t know what to do do, or how to use Balotelli. You have to question why he was bought. But he’s with us now…. Firstly can he adapt to Klopp’s triple training sessions? They will be intensive and he will know very quickly if he’s suited to his squad.

wp-1467539253548.jpgHe is always seen as the joker of the pack, everyone has a Mario story. Whether it’s paying for everyone meal at a restaurant, petrol at a petrol station or having a firework party in his house.

Proving he’s a better player..

But, he has matured, he saw his move to AC Milan as a way out, a way to prove himself that he is a better player than what people remember.

For me, this is his last chance. It’s his last chance at a big club – there aren’t many bigger than us. Klopp is a great manager and coach who has a natural ability to bring out the best in people.

Has he the patience for Balotelli? If he does, he will have a game changer and wild card on his hands. Need something different to happen on the 70th minute, then bring on Mario. He loves to receive the ball around the penalty area and has a lethal strike…he could be what will make make the difference.

Watch this space….something amazing may start to happen…?

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