Is Liverpool’s defence still a concern?

Liverpool are at the top of their game at the moment. Playing some of the most attractive football in Europe. The one area that is letting the team down is the defence. In true Klopp fashion, he has admitted that he isn’t concerned with his side’s defence. 

Should we be concerned or should we have faith all will be OK ? 

Recently against Crystal Palace they conceded 2 goals during their 42 victory.  Klopp knows the way they are defending is an issue. But when you look at how much that has changed, the confidence and swagger you have to have faith that this too will change. “We will sort the defence: what then happens, we will see.”

Work in progress – still a lot for Klopp to do

Klopp has defended their actions on a frequent basis. “They can defend really well; it’s normal (to have lapses). I know that everybody will talk about this.”

Defensive concern

“Klopp does however insist there is nothing to worry about, as his team will learn from their mistakes. I don’t go in the dressing room and say ‘You’re a really bad defender, and you are the goalkeeper, where are you? He works with the guys day in day out. He’s an experienced coach – in fact world class. Admitting that he’s happy with his defence is completely different to saying he’s happy with the performance.

He knows that they are capable of so much more.  “They are all human beings, we work on it. I am completely convinced about the quality. If they make mistakes and stay in the game then, it’s a very good test for them, and they stood it again.”

Work to be done

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the training ground to ensure that these mistakes don’t happen.

Another ‘Captain’s performance’ from Henderson

Henderson had another great game and is really growing into his new role, making the most tackles on Saturday. Offering the protection the back 5 need.

Lovren made two mistakes – which resulted in the two goals. Is it confidence? Is it our style of play that forces the defensive errors?

Change in attitude and response

Regardless, unlike previous games last season and against Burnley this season, Liverpool just got on with it. They played their game and never let the conceded goals demoralise them. “I was happy with the reaction (to conceding). Not with the situation, not with the style of the game, that’s what we have to work on, but I’m happy with the reaction.”

Klopps response to  when title talk was mentioned: “We’ll work on it and we will see where it leads.”

Would those mistakes have happened of Milner was playing? Hard to say. He does offer a calmness at times which is so desperately needed. I am hoping that Matip will grow further into his role and just calm the situation down.

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