Carragher still has Liverpool close to his heart

Jamie Carragher is a living legend. He is Liverpool through and through and you can tell the club is still close to his heart.

One club man, achieving cult status with the Anfield faithful.  There are so many Jamie Carragher tales on the pitch where he has stuck his neck out to defend the club.

Now he is carving out a media career it appears he us still doing the same. Here are a few classic examples of his rants and outbursts.

TalkSport outburst

In July 2007 Jamie Carragher called Adrian Durham live on air after calling Carragher a ‘bottler’ for retiring from international duty in 2007.
Carragher blasted Durham on air: “Don’t ever call me a bottler on radio with all those thousands of people listening. I’ve had the stomach to fight for my place for eight years.”

Carragher has had a few run ins with Ex-Chelsea player Jason Cundy.
After that famous victory against Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League Cundy had been winding up Liverpool stating they were under-achieving in the Premier League and that the Europa League was a sub-standard competition to be competing for.

Carragher’s famous Tweet about Cundy’s comments..

Naturally, Carragher was slightly annoyed saying;
“The Premier League has nothing to do with tonight. You said something about Liverpool fans living in the past, what has that got to do with tonight?”

“You’ve got to respect Liverpool, it’s a special night and not many clubs can have a night like that. We’re very lucky. Even if you don’t like Liverpool, you have to accept that.”

“The story is the unbelievable comeback. Klopp has done brilliantly since he has come in, he hasn’t got a great squad.”

He then went on to say;

“Listen, you don’t like Liverpool, Jason. Let’s be honest. You were quite wound up that Liverpool fans were coming on, ringing up and enjoying it. And instead of just taking it, taking the medicine for tonight, you just couldn’t help yourself”

Liverpool close to his heart
Liverpool Legend…

After 2-1 Chelsea win..

This is not the only time he’s argued with Cundy. As on Friday night, just after the Chelsea game, Cundy was calling Jurgen Klopp ‘Brendan Klopp’ and saying little has changed for the Reds defensively.

Carragher replied; You have wound me up again. I think it’s unfair, I’m not having a go at Brendan Rodgers, but they are different types of managers and play different ways.”

“I think the way Liverpool play, high intensity, we’ve all questioned if they can do in England for a full season. But you have a much better chance with no Europe.”

“I think they have got a great chance of finishing in the top four, but who knows? Especially with that extra rest the players have.”

He then later went on to say;

“I think the way Liverpool play, high intensity, we’ve all questioned if they can do in England for a full season. But you have a much better chance with no Europe.”

“I think they have got a great chance of finishing in the top four, but who knows? Especially with that extra rest the players have.”

Carragher’s view on Chelsea’s defence..

“I didn’t know if they were doing zonal marking or man-marking for Lovren’s goal.”

“That is how poor the defending was. Chelsea were not ready from the start (of the free-kick). There were four players not doing anything.”

“I can’t believe at this level of football there has been that level of defending.”

His thoughts on Cahill

“Gary Cahill was so obsessed with Joel Matip, and what a ball that is from Coutinho and what a finish from Lovren.”

Outburst on Mamadou Sakho.

Launched a scathing attack on central defender Mamadou Sakho because he was banned for testing positive for a banned “fat burning” substance.

Carragher told Sky Sports: “There seems to be a lot more of this that goes on in other sports. It’s nothing something we expect in football.

“But in terms of his situation, it’s a nightmare for the player. I think he’s let himself and his club down badly, because he was becoming a really important player for Liverpool.

“There are certainly questions to be asked of him, because he’s let himself down badly.

“He’s had a great campaign. He’s one of the leaders of the team now. You think of the Borussia Dortmund game, the Manchester United games especially, how well he played in those.

Not afraid of tackling head on…regardless of who they are..!!

Diouf feud still continues..

Diouf continues his long feud with Carragher and Steven Gerrard. This time in a magazine interview.
Diouf had told French magazine So Foot:“The difference between Jamie and me is that I am a world-class player and he is a s***.
Carragher’s tweet reply is a classic..

Classic Carragher…amazing reply.

Incidently Diouf scored just 3 times in 55 League games for Liverpool. Carragher managed four in his 508 games.

Left-back Alberto Moreno

This tweet has actually been retraction. However Carragher’s comments did sum up nicely what the fans were all thinking.

After the way in which Liverpool threw away their lead against Sevilla Moreno has faced the most criticism. He played a significant part in gifting the reigning Europa League Champions an equaliser less than 20 seconds after the restart.

Comments about Rodgers..

In November 2014 he spoke about Brendan Rodgers. Claiming Liverpool lacked Leadership, no men in their side and lacked leadership. At the time Liverpool we 12th and had just lost 3-1 to Crystal Palace. Which was a complete shock to all Reds fans!

“Liverpool aren’t being beaten by quality, they’re getting bullied. They’re getting beaten by enthusiasm.
“This is more than just a poor start, there’s something wrong. Something’s not right, they’re getting bullied out of games.
“As a fan watching your own team the worst thing you can ever think of them is being bullied and being weak – that’s what we saw from Liverpool and not for the first time. It’s been going on all season.
“There’s no leadership and we had that last season at the end, it cost Liverpool the league.
“There’s no men in the team. There’s not enough organising.
“You can’t always play well, it doesn’t happen like that, but sometimes you’ve got to grind results out. A game like that is a perfect illustration of that.”

He also pointed out a quality all the teams who win the league seem to have. (Possibly with the exception of Wenger’s invincibles.)
“Very rarely, if ever over the past few years, do Liverpool play poorly and win.”

Liverpool close to his heart..

I love Carragher. He was an amazing player who really served his club and country well. He played under a lot of different managers. (Playing styles and abilities.) But he just got on with his job and did it.

He is very opinionated and his banter with Neville on Sky is legendary. There are too many yes men in the media. You can tell he still has Liverpool close to his heart. May it continue.

I’d love his next bout of rants and banter be down to us being successful on the pitch.

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