Carragher: “It’s not rocket science now how to beat Liverpool”

Liverpool again lost to a relegation contender, making it their fifth defeat in eight games, sadly putting any feint title hopes firmly to bed and putting a top four finish seriously in doubt.

Victories for both Manchester clubs on Sunday will see Liverpool out of the top four for the first time since September – and be only a point ahead of United.

“If the form Liverpool are in continues in the next few weeks, the chances of top four will be gone very quickly,” said Carragher. “It’s not rocket science now how you beat them.”

Once again, Liverpool gifted their opponent two soft goals – one a trademark goal from a corner, the other goal was scored on the counter attack. Liverpool just flooding forward, losing possession and now having the pace or power to recover at the back. You wonder if any of this could be resolved by Klopp not choosing two midfield players in defence. Whilst Lucas and Milner are coping, they aren’t long term solutions.

“There’s things in this Liverpool team that at time you kid yourself that it’s ok. Lucas at centre-back, Milner left-back.” 

A fifth defeat in the last eight games – with the likes of Plymouth Argyle, Southampton, Wolves and Hull all employing very similar tactics and Liverpool failing to adapt to overcome them. From now on I wouldn’t be surprised if every manager in the league, except the top five, set their tactics around what we have witnessed over the past few weeks.

“Liverpool do something stupid from the back, this time from the goalkeeper, not the first time we’ve said that this season.”

“People will say they’ve played the top teams. In the next few games they face Tottenham and Arsenal but it’s the lower teams that cause problems.”

Carragher was also critical of Klopp’s use of subs – something that has been a trend during this tough few months, with subs often arriving far too late to influence the game where Moreno and Origi were only introduced with seven minutes remaining. “The changes from the bench needs to come a lot quicker,” critiqued Carragher. “They’ve taken far too long. The manager needs to come up with something different. A new system.”

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