Can: New contract please…!

There has been a lot of talk in the press the past 2 days about Emre Can and the need for us to tie him down into a new contract. This season coming up is going to be his season, last season towards the end we saw his potential, we saw glimpses of what he offered us. 

Signs of how he can boss the midfield. Signs of how he is slowly becoming the leader.

When he was out injured it really showed how much we missed him. How much we had started to rely upon his power and control. This showed he’s really stepped up to the plate and i personally feel we now need to build our team around him.

He is so important to our future. Klopp is going to be with us for quite a while, he will build us to the European superpower that we are.


Can will be the man to carry this message on the field. Look at his passion. The energy, passion and commitment against Borussia Dortmund was pheonemal. He wanted that win…he was playing with pride.

Yes, Coutinho provides the magic, Sturridge the goals and Firmino the twinkle toes, but Can just gets it, he gets what Klopp needs.

He just understands what is meant to ‘Press’ to ‘Harass’ to get the ball and power through.

He provides that platform for the front 3 to get the glory. He is young and raw, but someone Klopp can mould and create the player he truly wants and needs if the team are going to play the Klopp way with energy and power. I’m sure that Klopp is seen as father figure for the 22 year old. This was evident in the way Klopp consoled him on the pitch after the final whistle against Sevilla. Can full of tears, vulnerable full of raw emotion.

Sitting along side someone like Nuri Sahin or Mahmoud Dahoud would give Klopp the engine room he needs to tackle the Premier League next season.

We will probably all see over the next few weeks how important he is for Germany as they look to win Euro 2016. But don’t forget all of Europe will also be watching.

The man man who cost us £9.75m from Bayern Leverkusen would easily fetch more than £30m now.

Let’s ensure we don’t have to deal with it, show our commitment to him and offer the contract our Leader elect truly deserves.

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