Are Bayern Munich now after our own Jurgen Klopp? 

There have been stories circulating the Sunday papers that Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich are reportedly eyeing up Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.
According to the Sunday Express Klopp is seen as an ideal successor to Carlo Ancelotti.

The current German champions are said to be satisfied with the work that the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach is doing at the club.
But they are now looking to the future. Seemingly like all of Europe they have been really impressed with Klopp’s revival at Anfield, in particular their style of play.

A Bayern Munich source has commented on the rumours: “Jurgen is very highly thought of there. He will top the list of candidates to be the next coach.”

Some Liverpool fans may be worried by the news. However Klopp is just starting a major new project at Anfield and I’m convinced he’ll see it through.

Does he want to manage elsewhere?

Do i want to manage anywhere else..? NO

“I asked myself, ‘Where do I still want to work?’ rather than ‘What do I still want to win?’ and couldn’t think of many places”.

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“Do I want another club in Germany? Nope. In England? Nope. In Asia, Russia or the United Arab Emirates? Nope, nope, nope. And then I thought that I am already at the right club and ‘Why should I worry about how long I am here for?’

Klopp laughing – Having just heard about Bayern’s interest..

“If I am at the end of my career and have managed only three clubs then at least they were great clubs.”

Bayern’s plans..

Bayern Munich do expect the Italian manager to stay with the club until at least the end of the 2017/18 season.
There has however been no further talks to extend this.

Could be leaving regardless of how successful..

Reports are suggesting that this could be a sign that the club want to move forward with a new face at the helm.
This is regardless of how successful Ancelotti is over the next two seasons.

Brushing aside teams

I’m not surprised. They have clearly been watching the games against Leicester, Chelsea and Hull. Watching Liverpool brush aside the teams, dominating midfield and winning every ball clearly reminded them of their time with Guardiola.

Are they after a Guardiola MII? Possibly, but hands off. Find someone else. Maybe Ancelotti’s last game in charge will be watching Liverpool destroying Bayern in the Champions League final? Just maybe. I’m allowed to dream.

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  1. It will be really interesting to see how LFC comes out in the rankings, which I believe come out during Int’l Break. Right now ranked #29, with Chelsea at #8.

    I don’t take it as anything more than an indication of the rest of Europe’s perception of LFC progress.

    I’d certainly put LFC in the top 10 along with ManCity.

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