Chelsea welcome Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte is currently manager of the Italian national team and will be taking over Chelsea after the European Championships in France this summer.

During his playing career he became one of the most decorated and influential players in the history of Juventus.
He was known for his work-rate, and leadership, captaining the team, and winning the UEFA Champions League, as well as 5 Serie A titles.

He also played for the Italian national team at the World Cup in 1994 and the European Championships in 2000
Both occasions they finished runners-up.
After success managing Bari and then Siena he then took over at Juventus in 2011 and won 3 consecutive Serie A titles.

Conte’s Tactics..

Moving away from the Italian standard 4-4-2 he played a more dynamic 3-5-2.
Telling journalists in a briefing;
“I’ve heard people say that 3-5-2 is a defensive system but it’s not, when my teams attack, we do so with five players. It used to be four but now it is five. Attack with five, defend with five”

One of the phrases Conte uses most regularly is, “I consider defeat to be a state of virtual death.”

Chelsea players be warned: You will be spending plenty of time in the Video Room. Conte actually has one of his assistants film every training session, he often sends his brother Gianluca into the press box to gain a different perspective on their matches.

“If you don’t run in football, you’re dead”.

Certainly will be an interesting ride with Conte. He’s not bothered who you are and reputation stands for nothing. It has been noted that he had a public arguement with Buffon, who just wanted to discuss the bonuses due to the squad for claiming the title.

Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in history but this mattered little to Conte. Saying: “I’ve had it with the lot of you. Get out! I don’t want to see you any more.”

When Buffon tried to respond, he was told “Shut up. You’re the captain, Gigi, and you don’t understand a ******* thing.”

As the squad went out of the room, Conte is said to have muttered: ‘Shame on you’.

A roller coaster ride I’m sure….


  1. I have been checking out some of your stories and i must say pretty clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog.

  2. I’m a massive Chelsea fan and i think Conte will do really well at the club. Would have preferred Klopp, but you already had him.

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