Anfield – The heart of football

Just researching what Anfield looked like throughout the years, quite interesting to see where our home has come from, what it will become and what could have been!

Currently extending the main stand where they have built the new top tier and supporting structure behind the stand last season.

The new main stand – Phase 1 of the latest development

Anfield Road developed with similar new roof to the Main Stand

Now the season is finished they are finalising the roof, installing new seats and removing the old roof.

Its a massive job but will take Anfield capacity to 54,000, adding another 8,500 seats. This should create the fortress that Klopp and FSG crave.

The next phase, subject to planning permission being finalised is on Anfield Road

Should the finances work and they construct it, it would add another 4,500 seats taking capacity to 59,000.

Providing Liverpool with the additional revenue to compete again…!

New Vs Extension..

The age old argument, do we extend or do we move.

The new owners were undecided whether to build a new stadium on Stanley Park of extend Anfield.

Purpose built stadium with 60k capacity
61k stadium, potential to further develop to 76k

Then they had to look at the economics….

Would a stadium that would cost in the region of £300 – £350m have the correct return on investment.

A new stadium would only mean an extra 15-20,000 seats, essentially would it be worth it?

FSG had successfully redeveloped Fenway Park, this created the additional Game revenue they desired, whilst retaining the tradition of the stadium at a fraction of a re-build.

They then re-adopted this approach to Anfield and decided that 61,000 was the sweet spot.

What has Anfield looked like in the past?

Here are a few images of our stadium and how it has changed over the years.

1980’s Anfield
1990’s Anfield
The heart of football
2000’s Anfield


As you know the owners decided what they do best. FSG are the current owners of Boston Redsocks.

They proudly put a lot of money into Fenway Park deciding to keep the original stadium which was full of history.

Very similar to Anfield. I am so pleased that they have decided to redevelop the area of Anfield as well as the stadium.

It is part of the community and something the city should be proud of.

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