Are Liverpool after a Chinese Takeaway?

A wealthy investment group who are supported by the Chinese state government are attempting to purchase Liverpool for £800million, The Independent can reveal. However other reports have been released stating current owners have been aware of the proposal from SinoFortone since March. SinoFortone, who are fronted by managing director Peter Zhang, has committed £5.2billion towards new projects in the UK over the last 12 months.

Redevelopment from Chinese

They have already explored the potential of building a new stadium in the dockland area of Liverpool despite acknowledging that Anfield’s new main stand will be completed in September.

Further details suggest plans also involve the redevelopment of the club’s training ground at Melwood and the installation of a series of football academies across China. Liverpool are one of the most popular football team in China, their brand alone will ensure a lot of money will be made from shirt sales.

wp-1466020270147.jpgHenry heads up FSG, funded by a Hedge Fund. Who’s primary goal is investment and a return. A purchase of £300m then resale of close to £1bn would result in a good return. A superb return and it’s hard to understand how they’d refuse.

A lot of the inflated valuation is from the Sky and BT deal, with all clubs making hundreds of millions in the next few years.

Chinese community in Liverpool

Liverpool is actually home to Europe’s oldest Chinese community. There is a new development less than a mile away from the city centre.
The development includes 850 new houses, 150,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, and a new hotel.

SinoFortone are also thought to be open to the idea of part-investment in Liverpool, offering FSG a medium to long-term exit strategy. This would probably appeal to Henry and Tom Werner, who are both in their late 60’s.

However its been stated that John W. Henry is reluctant to sell Liverpool at this moment….at this moment….at this moment.
There will I’m sure be a lot of news following these reports with who the club would or could be linked to.

I’m hopeful that whatever happens it’s for the benefit of the club..
I am a Liverpool suporter not an FSG supporter, that’s not to say I dislike what they’ve achieved, far from it. It’s just that regardless of ownership, I like many fans will carry on supporting.

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  1. I hope we have FSG for a bit longer – they’ve done well with Liverpool so far.
    I like them. Don’t think Klopp would wanna get hands on millions.

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